Bottom line

Whenever there’s a whiff of a chance for America’s chronically liberal media to imply that violent crime is spurred by conservative values, reporters seemingly fall all over one another to file stories.


But when the shoe’s on the other foot – the left foot – all of a sudden the media isn’t nearly as interested.

So it was this past week when a gunman barged into the Washington, D.C., offices of the conservative Family Research Council. Floyd Corkins is accused of shooting a security guard in the arm to express his anger over the FRC’s Christian values and policy positions.

Corkins is a volunteer for a gay-rights advocacy group, but media were loath to draw any conclusions about the suspect’s left-leaning politics.

But why were media outlets so eager to peg the recent Aurora, Colo., theater shooter as a right-winger – until that
assertion turned out to be utterly false?

These kinds of public shootings are spawned from a repulsive climate of hatred – and although many liberals wish otherwise, that hatred isn’t the exclusive province of a particular political ideology.

Just report the facts.



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