Glorious games

Summer Olympics peacefully exemplified strength, beauty of the human spirit

With typical British understatement, we say of the London Olympics: Well done!


In less reserved American verbiage, these summer Olympics, as one writer put it, were nothing short of glorious.

There were endless triumphs at these games, but none grander than London’s itself. They hosted the world in a bustling city that is a challenge to manage on any other given day. And they did so in the fading shadow of world terrorism, with opening and closing ceremonies that set the bar high for their successors in Brazil, shows that at once celebrated and delightfully lampooned the rich British culture.

We couldn’t be happier for our friends across the pond. In gymnastic terms, they absolutely stuck the landing. May this world-class coup buoy the British soul for years to come.

The games will certainly do the same for the American spirit. From plucky tumbler Gabby Douglas to Aquaman Michael Phelps to our hoops Dream Team to our gazelles of track, the United States was represented as well as it has ever been.

And while most of these exploits are individual achievements – fed largely by America’s allegiance to a sense of hard work, individual freedom and self-determination – yeah, we kept score. Beat the Chinese in both gold and overall medals. Uh-huh. That just happened.

As Austin Powers might say, “Yeah, baby, yeah!”

The London games were some serious fun.
Not only were they a first-rate exhibition of
humanity’s best physical specimens, but they were also a capital expression of our best spiritual selves. The entire world coming together peacefully to test ourselves against each other in ways that are uplifting and inspiring, now and in the future.

The Olympics are mankind’s biggest and grandest paean to peace, our race’s most shared psalm. They are a song to life.

What a beautiful sound.


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