Stooping to conquer

Depths of Obama camp's mudslinging grow in presidential race

There’s an incalculable amount at stake in this November’s elections. Nothing less than the future course of America is up for grabs.


But at the very least, the future of presidential politics will be decided.

It has become painfully clear that the Obama campaign and its surrogates will stop at nothing to retain power. Nothing. Not lies, not distortions, not the worst sort of toxic sludge, the likes of which even the bareknuckle sport of presidential politics has never seen.

Since we noted last week Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s reckless and scurrilous allegation that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney might not have paid taxes for a decade – there’s absolutely no evidence to support it – Reid’s office has been caught telling tales about the episode.

After failing to back up Reid’s charges for days, his aide Jose Parra, in the course of one day last week, gave details about their alleged source for the accusation against Romney – then completely, utterly denied those details before the cock crowed.

Parra initially said the alleged source was a Republican investor in Romney’s old company of Bain Capital “who has been dealing with Romney’s company for a long, long time.” Actually, he had to admit later the same day, “I do not know the party affiliation of the source, how long he invested with Bain, or his relationship to Romney ...”

Oops! So everything he said was a lie. And all we “know” is that Reid’s unnamed source fogs a mirror. If there is such a person in the first place. Nice. But not exactly the kind of corroboration you’d like to have when smearing a candidate running for the White House.

The word “reprehensible” comes to mind.

Except that now we have to find a stronger word for the other Obama outrage of the week.

A television ad by a pro-Obama political action committee nearly accuses Romney of killing a woman with cancer. Her husband, it seems, once worked for a company shuttered by Bain, and his insurance was lost.

Nearly every national media outlet has decried the ad as dishonest and sleazy. Turns out the woman actually had insurance elsewhere; that the company where her husband worked was shut down years after Romney had left Bain; and her diagnosis came much later too.

In addition, as noted in the Los Angeles Times, it’s not as if Bain shut down GST Steel in Kansas City as an act of evil profiteering: The previous owners had been losing their shirts too, and, “The steel industry in the United States was shedding jobs profusely in the 1980s and 1990s, as foreign competition was upending American manufacturers.”

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign was caught red-handed lying through its collective teeth about its knowledge of the bogus PAC ad. The Obama folks initially denied any knowledge whatsover – before audio leaked out that proved they, themselves, had previously worked hand-in-hand with the man in the PAC ad.

So they try to smear Mitt Romney with a pack of lies, and then try to lie their way out of it.

God help this nation if people of this sort are rewarded with victory in November.



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