Reid's sticky bomb

Senate majority leader's mudslinging is a disgrace

In the movie Saving Private Ryan, a poorly equipped outfit of U.S. troops attacks menacing German tanks with improvised “sticky bombs” in greased-up socks.


Democrats are converting the strategy to their own use in the current presidential campaign – filling dirty socks with explosives and sliming the outside with grease to try to make them stick.

The commander of this unit, under the watchful eye of our commander-in-chief, is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The top-ranking Democrat took to the floor of the Senate recently to shamelessly, and shamefully, make wild political accusations toward GOP presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney – that “The word’s out that (Romney) hasn’t paid any taxes for 10 years.”

It’s the worst sort of gossip, in what should be one of the most dignified spots in American civic life – the floor of the U.S. Senate – and by its supposed leader.

Utterly despicable and without a shred of redeeming quality.

Oh, and beyond hypocritical: Reid refuses to release his own tax records.

What has such a phony political ruse got to do with the U.S. Senate anyway? Wouldn’t Mr. Reid’s time be better spent working on a budget? Do you realize his Senate hasn’t passed a federal budget in three years?

Does Harry Reid have the moral authority to question anyone else’s finances, when he can’t even fulfill his basic duty to fashion a federal budget?

The Washington Post, not exactly a conservative newspaper, gave Reid “four Pinocchios” for his wholly unsubstantiated accusation.

We’ll go further than that: Harry Reid has defaced and disgraced the U.S. Senate.

Based upon Romney’s disclosure of more than a year’s worth of tax returns in which he paid plenty, the Post’s “Fact Checker” reports that “tax experts say (Reid’s) claim is highly improbable. Reid also has made no effort to explain why his unnamed source would be credible.”

That’s because it’s a sticky bomb – an attempt to throw an explosive at the opposition inside a greasy sock to see if it sticks and can do any damage.

It’s also a calculated distraction from the real issues plaguing this country, and this president’s inability or unwillingness to address them. As long as we’re talking about even wild, baseless accusations, we’re not talking about this administration’s failures.

This president’s entire campaign is based not on “It’s the Economy, Stupid,” as Bill Clinton’s famously was, but on “Hey, Look Over There, Stupid!”

You can bet Reid has Obama’s tacit, if not explicit, support. The president certainly hasn’t reined Reid in, and his silence speaks volumes.

“Harry Reid is making a wildly unsubstantiated allegation,” says ABC News’ Rick Klein, “but Harry Reid is doing exactly what Democrats want him to be doing. It may feel good for Republicans to be blasting away at him, but there is a big risk in responding because it elevates an irresponsible assertion.

“So you have Republicans complaining about campaign tactics. Democrats, meanwhile, are talking about what they want to be focused on, which is Mitt Romney’s taxes. They’d much rather be talking about that than the Obama economy.”

Such reckless mudslinging shouldn’t be dignified or rewarded or even tolerated. If it is, we’ll only be dragged deeper into the muck they’ve got us in.

Harry Reid has brought nothing but shame to his office. This isn’t the first time, either. He declared the Iraq War “lost” while our troops were still fighting, and has called political opponents a “liar,” “loser” and “embarrassment.”

This latest insult is a cynical political ploy to take Americans’ eyes off the ball.

This election isn’t about Mitt Romney’s money.

It’s about yours.



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