Chicken divine

Support of Chick-fil-A is about God-given rights to believe, speak as we wish

A lot of other things are said to “taste like chicken.” On Wednesday, the chicken tasted like a lot of other things.


The throngs of diners lining up for hours and hours at this
country’s Chick-fil-A restaurants to bite into a piece of chicken could detect hints of love, commitment, dedication and faith, with a strong after-taste of freedom. There was a bouquet of defiance, as well.

The gay lobby and politically correct media and mayors recently attacked the Atlanta-based chain because President and Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy merely reaffirmed in an interview that the Chick-fil-A family stands for the biblical definition of marriage. That’s it. He expressed his faith, a faith still shared by tens of millions across the nation.

But in return for Cathy’s free speech, the Boston mayor even pledged to deny the company business permits – a clear violation of law and the Constitution that he quickly backed down from.

Majestically, the broader response to all this wasn’t to protest or whine or promise boycotts. Rather, urged on by conservative broadcaster and erstwhile politician Mike Huckabee, Wednesday became “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” in America.

The resulting lines, traffic jams and depleted Chick-fil-A’s that had to close early for having sold out of product are a testament to the spirit of an America that used to stand up for free speech, religious freedom and rock-solid principles of faith and family.

Still does, as it turns out.

“America spoke yesterday,” one radio caller cried Thursday.

What the country said wasn’t about anyone’s marriage so much as a man’s, and yes a company’s, divine right to believe and speak as they see fit.

Hmm. Tastes like chicken.



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