It's not about his money

Don't fall for the sideshow about Romney's financial dealings

When Bill Clinton was having illicit sex with an intern in the White House, Democrats told us it was none of our business, that his private life was separate from his public office.


Now, however, they want to make the current election all about what Mitt Romney owns and what he does with it.

Do you see a little disconnect?

Democrats have succeeded in getting the intelligentsia, anyway, to prattle on and on about Romney’s wealth and where he’s supposedly stashed it. And, foolishly, Mr. Romney has allowed them to put him on the defensive.

It’s a diversion and a deception – and a corrosive notion that because someone else has done well, he or she has somehow diminished your own fortunes.

That’s about as wrong and un-American as you can get.

But, since Barack Obama is a willing spectator in this nutty sideshow, only one person can put a stop to the lunacy: Mitt Romney.

It’s time Mitt Romney said it loud and clear for all to hear: This election is not, and will not be made to be, about his money. It’s about ours!

How has any president’s personal portfolio affected you and your family? Has it put bread on your table or taken it off?

Jimmy Carter went to great lengths to project modesty and frugality – yet, until now, Americans suffered more under Carter than at anytime since the Great Depression, with the vise of “stagflation” – high inflation and unemployment and low growth. Carter admitted there was a “malaise” about the land.

Carter’s bank account didn’t cause that and couldn’t prevent it; his inept and counterproductive big-government policies did.

So let’s take a look not at what Messrs. Romney and Obama do with their own wealth, but what the current president has done with yours:

1) a massive $800-billion stimulus – which was such a failure that even Obama joked that “shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.”

Not funny, Mr. President. It failed to keep unemployment under 8 percent as promised, and simply saddled us with more debt.

2) hundreds of millions of our dollars given out to Obama cronies at solar-panel firm Solyndra and other failed “green” energy disasters.

3) increased federal employment and overhead; while private sector jobs decreased 6.6 percent, federal employment soared 11.7 percent.

4) historic debt and deficit spending that is unprecedented in human history; Obama has added over $5 trillion in debt in less than four years – more than the eight years of George W. Bush combined.

5) Obamacare – which is now admittedly the largest impending tax increase in American history.

What we haven’t gotten for all that cash is a secure border, a balanced budget (or even reduced deficits), and jobs.

No wonder Mr. Obama and his supporters would have your eyes averted to Mr. Romney’s bank account. It takes your mind off yours for a while.

Now let’s compare Mr. Obama’s record with his promises, as recounted by Peter Wehner of The Weekly Standard:

1) He promised to create 5 million new jobs in the energy sector alone; we’ve actually lost that many jobs overall.

2) He said a typical family’s health-care premiums would decrease $2,500 by the end of his first term; they’ve gone up 9 percent.

3) He said his financial moves would stop foreclosures; they’ve been the worst in our history.

4) He promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term; they’re still over $1 trillion a year.

5) He said he would “lift 2 million Americans from poverty” and “jolt our economy back to life.” How? And when?

So we ask you: What’s the issue in this election? Mitt Romney’s money? Or yours?



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