So much more

Aimee Copeland emerges from hospital more powerful than before

They took her left leg, right foot and both hands. But Aimee Copeland left an Augusta hospital Monday with much more than she had entered it with.


She leaves with a chance at a new life.

And a world of support.

“It’s a new normal. It’s not what it was before. Life is different, but life is good,” advises Jean Law, who came from Jacksonville, Fla., to walk the “Run for Aimee” fund-raising 5k course Saturday – on two prosthetic legs of her own.

That’s the kind of love Aimee Copeland is leaving Augusta with.

The 24-year-old graduate student from Snellville became an international story after a May 1 “zipline” accident that cut her leg and led to her fighting necrotizing fasciitis, a bacterial infection that kills soft tissue. She was brought to the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital with little chance of surviving.

She’s done that, and more.

With a faithful family, an indomitable spirit and a welling support group of strangers from all over, Aimee Copeland left for rehab Monday and a new, difficult but promising young life.

She also leaves more powerful than she ever imagined she might be. Once adjusted to her challenging new reality, she will see that she now commands the attention, respect and admiration of thousands – and, perhaps someday, millions.

Aimee Copeland, whose chances of survival were once described as slim and none, may be on the cusp of one of the most meaningful life adventures one can conjure. She has the potential to help many suffering souls directly – she’s hoping to finish her master’s in psychology by December. And she will no doubt inspire many, many others. She hopes to accept her graduate degree in December on prosthetic limbs.

Where she goes beyond that is anyone’s guess. We doubt there’s a limit to what this woman of incalculable strength and wisdom can accomplish.

But she has already provided proof positive that there is hope in the least likely of places, light at the darkest of moments and an indescribable meaning in life under any and all circumstances.

She is, in short, so much more than before.

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