Patriotism offensive?

What's offensive is succumbing to political correctness for no good reason

There may have been some legitimate reasons for a New York principal to yank Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the U.S.A. song from a kindergarten “graduation” ceremony set for June 20.


But “offending other cultures” – one of the reasons stated – is certainly not one of them.

PS 90 Principal Greta Hawkins said the song, which has become an informal anthem for die-hard patriots, was not age-appropriate for kindergarteners. You could buy that. In one lyric, the song talks about starting over with one’s wife, “If tomorrow all the things were gone/I’d worked for all my life.”

Still, Hawkins initially allowed to remain in the program a Justin Bieber song that is clearly age-inappropriate from a sexual or romantic standpoint. Why the difference? She has since been shamed into eliminating the Bieber song, too. But the delay betrays her hypocrisy on the “age inappropriate” explanation.

One gets the feeling the principal’s real beef is with the song’s patriotism. She is said to have worried it might “offend other cultures.”

Really? It’s offensive now to profess pride and patriotism? And near 9-11’s Ground Zero, no less? Outrageous.

What about offending Americans – by removing a patriotic song? Is ours the one and only culture she’s not afraid of offending?

We don’t know about the song’s original inclusion in the program, just because its lyrics may be a bit involved and over the kids’ heads. For that matter, we don’t know about having a kindergarten graduation to begin with.

But once on the program, you’d better have a good reason to take it off.

Offending other cultures? That’s no reason. It’s a wholly despicable surrender to runaway political correctness. It’s un-American.

And it’s a horrible lesson for pliable young minds.


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