Blind spot on abortion

Media selectively ignore gender-selection termination outrage

There is no liberal bias in the news, according to – ahem! – Dan Rather.


Oh well. Consider the source.

Then again, if he’s right, then there has to be some other explanation for the media’s glaring blindspots. Solar flares maybe?

The major networks have largely ignored a growing revolution among religious institutions against the Obama administration’s requirement that they provide birth control and “morning-after” abortion pill coverage to employees – even if it violently violates their religious beliefs.

More recently, the media mostly looked the other way when it became clear that “gender-selective” abortions were going on in America – and even pretended not to notice when the U.S. House took a vote on the matter.

That has to be a conscious decision, don’t you think? Abortion is a flashpoint issue in America – and these were two big flare-ups the media seemed to have no interest in.

Oh, and weren’t the media all atwitter a few months ago about some supposed “war on women” because birth control isn’t available or affordable enough (neither of which is true)? Why the sudden disinterest in what may amount to real violence against females?

Whatever happened to the feminists on the left? Wouldn’t it interest them at all that an undercover video recently showed a Planned Parenthood worker helping a woman plan an abortion – but only if the fetus turned out to be female?

Or does the left’s absolute allegiance to abortion anytime for any reason trump the life of little girls, even in the face of gender-selective abortion?

Planned Parenthood itself must have been appalled by its employee helping arrange a gender-selective abortion on the video; she was fired within days.

Amazingly, though, you’re not seeing much about this in the “mainstream” media, are you?

In addition, the U.S. House of Representatives voted last week on a bill to outlaw gender-specific abortions. The bill, which required a two-thirds majority, failed. But all it would’ve done was to extend current non-discrimination laws to the unborn – by prohibiting a doctor from performing an abortion “knowing that the abortion is sought based on the sex, gender, color or race of the child, or the race of a parent.”

You’d think a congressional vote on abortion – particularly one to save girls – would be big news. Yet, one media watchdog reports that the House vote was not featured in either that evening’s newscasts or the next morning’s “news” shows on the three major broadcast networks.

How does that happen? How do all the major news broadcast operations miss the same big story? Osmosis?

Well, ABC did mention it – at 3 a.m. – but dismissively called the House vote “a bit of election-year political theater.”

Really? Banning the killing of fetuses because they’re girls is nothing more than “theater”?

Oh, that’s right. It was conservatives who wanted to ban it.

Must be solar flares. Can’t be bias!


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