A reminder for vigilance

Yet, White House insists there is no war on terror

Since 2009, this White House has performed mental and verbal gymnastics to avoid using the word “terror.” They even took to calling the war on terror an “Overseas Contingency Operation.”


Yet, the terrorists keep coming.

The latest was another attempted underwear bombing of a U.S. airliner – except that the bomber was a spy for the good guys. The double agent not only thwarted the bombing attempt, but helped lead to a drone strike two weekends ago that killed a senior al-Qaida operative in Yemen.

The administration has reminded Americans to be “vigilant” – apparently as part of the Overseas Contingency Operation.

Why this administration is so afraid of calling this what it is – a global war with murderous Islamic terrorists – is beyond us. Especially when the terrorists and the plots just keep coming. What part of jihad don’t these people get?

The other question is: What happens to an American who is “vigilant”? Is it now kosher to report suspicious behavior by men of Middle-Eastern descent? In the past, that kind of vigilance has brought lawsuits and recriminations.

What assurances are there that the U.S. government will support or indemnify vigilant Americans for sharing sincere concerns and observations with authorities?

Rest assured, Americans take the threat of terrorism seriously.

It’s just their government’s pronouncements and promises they question.


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