He's that unpopular

Obama can't even post convincing election victory against a federal inmate

One thing polls have trouble doing is measuring the depth of the electorate’s feelings.


Election days do that quite well, however.

On Tuesday, Barack Obama – a sitting president with no legitimate opposition in the Democratic Party – could garner but 60 percent of the vote in the West Virginia primary.

The other 40 percent? It went to a federal prisoner in Texas named Keith Judd, who somehow managed to get on the ballot.

Judd, serving a lengthy sentence for extortion, actually beat Obama in 10 of 55 counties.


The “mainstream” media have tried to downplay the result, of course – with only the briefest mention of it on CNN and little mention of it on the broadcast networks.

Well, you can see why: ABC’s Good Morning America was too busy touting how cool Hillary Clinton is to be going without makeup.

Democratic West Virginians understand, better than most of us, how deleterious this president’s energy policies are for America. The coal-rich state was never going to hand Obama its Electoral College votes – but again, this was a Democratic primary, with no Republican votes allowed (as they are in some other states).


It’s also eyebrow-raising to see that the state’s Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin and Democratic governor wouldn’t reveal whom they voted for.

“Apparently, it’s a smarter political calculation to let people believe you may have voted for the guy in federal prison over the sitting president of your own party,” mused Joe Pounder of the Republican National Committee.

The vote was quite a statement of the depth of opposition to this president’s policies.

Too bad so many in the media didn’t want you to hear it.



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