Robbing youth

Posing as a mentor to act as a predator is beneath contempt

There are always multiple layers of depravity whenever an adult despoils the scenic beauty of childhood.


In this case, there are extra layers of hideousness.

Travis McCauley, 33, was sentenced to 30 years in prison Tuesday for molesting a 15-year-old male music student in his care. And it’s not nearly enough time.

Not only did this trusted friend violate that trust and the sanctity that, even today, should remain intact at age 15, but McCauley’s crime was worse than that. You see, he did it all – at least four trysts, including at the circus – knowing that he was HIV positive.

“You could have given that child a death sentence,” Superior Court Judge Sheryl Jolly told him.

McCauley is listed in a MySpace site as a co-founder of something called the CSRA All-Star Marching Band. He used that position as an instrument with which to pillage the innocence of youth. Vile doesn’t quite describe one who would take a minor to the circus in order to rob him of his youth.

That McCauley was HIV positive makes the desecration all the more atrocious.

He should be grateful that this state doesn’t consider his crime an assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder.

That would apparently make too much sense.



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