Unanswered questions

Does media not see the ripe environment for voter fraud?

The Five Ws – who, what, where, when and why – are gems of pristine logic that can be traced back to
ancient Greece. They became the very foundation of the journalistic enterprise in America.


Well, that foundation is failing, as more and more “reporters” and news anchors have become advocates rather than observers, and the Five Ws have often gone unasked and unanswered.

Ask yourself, for instance, why. Why would Democrats so vehemently oppose attempts to control our borders? And why would Republicans so long be complicit in the neglect?

Further, why would Democrats be so adamantly opposed to bringing the integrity of voter identification to our elections?

And are the two odd positions connected?

Could it be that Democrats want to flood the polls with Democratic voters without regard to either their legality or their identity? Might it be a cynical quest to form a permanent Democratic ruling majority?

If something defies logic, must there not be another, less rational, explanation for it? Why aren’t the media asking these questions?

Unless most of them are for it.

Democrats such as Attorney General Eric Holder insist the voting system’s integrity is not at risk. But that, too, is irrational and provably false. An investigative team – rare these days – recently was able to obtain Holder’s own ballot during a primary election. The young man involved, who looks nothing like Holder, could have easily cast the attorney general’s ballot, because the poll worker not only did not require identification, but he was quite eager in not doing so.

The “mainstream” media are willfully oblivious to it all, or actively in denial. U.S. News and World Report recently published an article entitled “The Myth of Voter Fraud” – while, almost simultaneously, the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch reported on “a more significant voter fraud issue than some state lawmakers realized.

“As Virginia legislators hotly debated a voter ID bill that narrowly passed the General Assembly, many were unaware of a state police investigation that, so far, has resulted in charges against 38 people statewide for voter fraud.”

The allegations involved more than 400 cases in 62 cities and counties. As as we know from all other classes of crime, the number of those caught and convicted are but of a fraction of those engaged.

The known election crimes in Virginia “ran the gamut from voter registration fraud issues through potential fraud at the polling place on Election Day,” secretary of the Virginia Board of Elections Donald Palmer was quoted.

Remember ACORN – the scandalized left-wing group that was caught pushing public benefits to a supposed pimp and hooker, and which was found to have perpetrated voter fraud in 2008? According to one report, “at least 54 ACORN employees and individuals associated with ACORN have been convicted of voter fraud.”

Of course, one needn’t cite actual incidents of voter fraud to know that a loosey-goosey electoral system invites it, especially in particularly partisan times such as those we live in.

It’s interesting, too, that the fraud appears to be a uniquely Democratic tactic. Reuters reports, without any sense of irony – or asking “why” – that anti-fraud laws could be “a potential problem for President Barack Obama’s re-election bid.”

Ask yourself how cracking down on fraud could present a problem for a president, a party or anyone else with pure aims.

The “journalists” don’t seem capable of asking.



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