Watching history unfold

Masters begins in earnest for the golfers and their fans

Wouldn’t it be great if you could run down to the store and pick up a little history to take home with you? Just pick it out, plunk down your dollars and – voila! – instant history on your shelf.


You could just buy your way into the history books. Your ability to claim historic achievements would be limited only by the greenbacks in your wallet!

Well, actually, no. It wouldn’t be great. It’d reduce history to a mere commodity. Putting a dollar amount on achievement would only cheapen it, render it worthless.

That’s why we so often talk about “making history.” It’s ours to write – but write it we must. It requires effort, skill, determination, vision, practice, attitude and more.

And that’s what makes today so special: the start of the actual Masters Tournament.

Few sporting events have the aura of
importance and history-making that the Masters does.

In stark contrast, of course, the first three days of the Masters are simply lighthearted – you bring cameras, while the players skip the ball on the pond at the 16th. The fans utterly demand it. Then, on Wednesday, the Par 3 contest is all the lighter, as trios of players and even past players roam the picturesque Par 3 course at the Augusta National Golf Club and show off for the fans. These nine holes aren’t on the main course – so there’s nothing for the players to learn for the actual tournament, no “strategery” to concern themselves with. They’re just there to have fun, loosen up and share the joy of golf with the fans. Occasionally, a golfer’s child or grandchild stands in and sinks a big putt, to the crowd’s delight.

Suddenly, though, it’s Thursday.

When they start keeping score, the air of history descends on Augusta National – and it’s all business. Why? Because these players, certifiably the best in the world, are attempting to make history as Masters champions. They know, or soon learn, that great feats on this stage will be forever remembered – that what they do today and over the next three days is being recorded for posterity in ways that many other achievements are not.

After all the sheer fun, it’s down to serious business of making Masters history.

It’s more significant than anything you could ever hope to buy.

Now, that’s great.



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