Tebow strikes another pose

It's called the epitome of character, and it stands apart these days

“This is the city that once embraced Broadway Joe. Tebow would fit better in – well, if Branson, Mo., had an NFL team, that would be a perfect fit.”


– New York writer George R.R. Martin


So the media have stirred up another controversy, and called the subject of the controversy controversial.

This time, they’re wringing their hands about whether former Denver Broncos quarterback and newest New York Jets player Tim Tebow’s conspicuous Christianity is a good thing in the Big Apple.

As if New Yorkers never go to church.

We love his answer, when asked essentially if he’s relishing his new NYC megaphone or whether he needs to walk on secular eggshells in the New York market or in the locker room:

“Well, I think first and foremost it doesn’t matter what market I was in; I don’t think that necessarily played a big part in (coming to New York). I just want to be myself. When I’m asked about it, I won’t be ashamed of saying that I serve my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. In the locker room, it’s not something that I’m super outspoken about. It’s just that’s who I am and that’s how I live. I don’t try to share it with a lot of guys. I don’t try to approach a lot of guys with it, because I think the greatest way to share the gospel is by acting it and by them seeing who you are as a person.

“That’s how I approach it. It’s not by what I say; it’s more about how I act and who I am as a person. I think it is the greatest way you can have an impact on people’s lives is your integrity, character and how you go about handling yourself.”

This kind of character used to be admired in America. Now it’s “controversial.”

That says a lot more about the country than the man.



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