Bawling over a budget

Republicans produce plan while Democrats remain empty-handed

Just like you can use a Geiger counter to measure radiation, you can use liberal media fervor to measure the political potency of a conservative.


This week, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is burying the needle on the leftists’ Outrage-o-Meter. The chairman of the House Budget Committee unveiled his newest commonsense federal budget plan. Ryan proposes meaningful spending cuts; calls for reducing the number of income tax brackets from six to a sensible two; and lays out a carefully considered blueprint to balance the budget by tweaking Medicare and Medicaid.

But if this were a Western movie, with Ryan wearing the white hat, the audience would have been shouting at the screen to warn the hero about the upcoming ambush.

Since Democrats and their complicit pals in the media knew this was coming, they had an attack ready. Reports Politico: “Democrats are organizing media blitzes, House floor speeches and town halls back home to seize on the changes to Medicare ... .”

Mentioning “changes” and “Medicare” in the same sentence makes a lot of voters’ hair stand on end, and don’t think left-wingers won’t seize on folks’ worst fears. White House spokesman Jay Carney is clinging to the tired scare tactic that the Republicans’ budget would end “Medicare as we know it.”

Well, Medicare as we know it joins Social Security and Medicaid as the biggest money-draining entitlements this country continues to prop up. At the rate it’s going, Medicare spending is expected to surpass Social Security spending by 2040.

Ryan proposes having Medicare compete with private plans, and giving seniors vouchers to let them choose the plans they prefer. That’s certainly far better than the current plan of letting the seniors’ tax-burdened grandchildren pay for anything and everything.

But that line of logical thought didn’t stop CBS’ Charlie Rose from playing the role of ideological errand boy for the the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. On Tuesday’s CBS This Morning, Rose displayed a DCCC-concocted fake movie poster showing GOP leaders as villains trying to destroy Medicare. What bilge – when it’s gross overspending that’s destroying the country.

CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin even had the gall to gripe that Ryan’s budget plan lacked specifics about fixing federal budget deficits.

But Ryan is a far sight more specific than mule-headed Senate Democrats, as of today marking their 1,059th day of not even introducing a budget.

Ryan has weathered this specious abuse before. So when people such as MSNBC’s Martin Bashir spew the wild claim that Ryan’s “previous budget was excoriated by both Republicans and Democrats,” we have to point out that 97 percent of voting Republicans in both houses of Congress actually approved Ryan’s budget.

Bottom line: Republicans have a budget plan. President Obama and Senate Democrats don’t, and they’re trying to mask that fact by scaring voters into submission.

But here’s what’s really scary – staying on the same Big Government path of borrowing and spending into economic oblivion.


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