Message in a battle

Democrats win public relations war, as GOP shoots itself in foot

There’s a certain rich irony in the fact that ProFlowers pulled its advertising from Rush Limbaugh’s show after he called a birth control proponent a “slut” and “prostitute.”


Sending flowers was the least he needed to do.

But neither his patently offensive remarks, nor their potential impact on the election, are laughing matters.

Limbaugh has since apologized – unlike his even-worse liberal counterparts – for his gratuitous insult of Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke, who testified before congressional Democrats last week in favor of federally mandated birth control insurance. But the apology wasn’t accepted, and Democrats now have another tool with which to divide the electorate and defeat Republicans in the fall.

Democrats are winning this war of words – over birth control, over Limbaugh’s intemperance – in two ways.

First, they’re making Republicans look like the Taliban. Somehow, Democrats and the left-leaning media have made this issue about women’s health and access to birth control. The truth, of course, is there is no problem with access to birth control. The only question is who should pay for it – well, that, and whether health insurance providers should be forced by the government to offer it over their own moral objections.

Conservatives feel that neither taxpayers nor private insurance customers should be made to pay for someone else’s birth control – which is often little more than a ticket to
promiscuity. To conservatives, that is being forced to fund someone else’s irresponsibility.

Yet, Democrats and their compliant media have turned the birth control pill into not just a right that others must
provide, but something of a

Democrats also win in this silly debate by changing the subject from the economy, the president’s dismal record, foreign policy storm clouds on the horizon, the national debt and more.

Republicans have helped them do it, too – from presidential Rick Santorum’s getting sucked into the discussion repeatedly, to Limbaugh’s disgusting rant. The latter’s flame-throwing has most people missing the point.

Which, as has been pointed out, is just peachy with Democrats.



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