Package sales? Why not?

Richmond County voters, it’s up to you.


The Georgia Assembly last year gave local communities the freedom to allow retail package alcohol sales on Sunday. Richmond Countians decide the issue for themselves on Tuesday.

There are good arguments for and against. But ultimately, the matter should come down to one of freedom. With the same products being available the other six days of the week, there’s little reason to prohibit sales on Sunday. You’re not going to appreciably impact society either way. And the fact that it’s the Christian sabbath simply can’t be an issue. Frankly, it’s amazing Sunday prohibition has withstood constitutional challenge this long.

It’s by far the least important issue on your ballot this Tuesday. But you can buy back a tiny bit of freedom with a vote. And that’s almost always a good thing.

The exception comes, of course, when that freedom is abused and society suffers as a result.

That, too, will be up to you.


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