Stealing and spending

Obama's new budget plunges nation even deeper into debt

Few eras in American history, save for its founding, Civil War and World Wars, have begged for greatness in leadership as much as today does.


Instead, what we’re getting is cowardice, broken promises and trickery. And it remains that a federal government that helped defeat tyranny on both sides of the globe seems wholly incapable – or just unwilling – of protecting us from itself.

In short, the greatest threat to our republic is our government.

Mr. Obama has taken that threat to unprecedented levels with his endless thirst for government growth and spending, while simultaneously setting new records for shamelessness. To pretend with his latest budget, for instance, that continuing trillion-dollar deficits to the horizon is in any way responsible is, frankly, a disgrace. To put on as if we simply have no other choice but to pick the pockets of the productive to pay for it is a charade the likes of which would’ve embarrassed P.T. Barnum.

At least Barnum asked suckers to part with their own money, willingly.

This president in his first year promised to cut yearly deficits in half. Instead, he has added more to our children’s debt than anyone in history.

“By the end of his first term in office,” writes Citizens Against Government Waste, “the national debt will have increased by $6.4 trillion. It took the country 227 years, from 1776 to 2002, to reach $6.2 trillion in debt. The (president’s) budget would add another $11 trillion to the debt by 2022, at which time interest payments on the debt would reach $1 trillion annually.”

Far from halving the annual deficit by the end of his first term, Mr. Obama’s blueprint wouldn’t even accomplish that for another 10 years at least.

Of course, all of this discussion presumes that the president’s budget is a serious piece of work. But it is less serious than his budget was last year – when members of both parties dismissed it out of hand 97-0 in the U.S. Senate.

Instead, this is a political document, a page from the class warfare playbook. He is, in effect, passing out candy, knowing that a more responsible budget from the Republican-controlled House will taste of bitter medicine in comparison.

Just in time for the elections!

“The president knows that we are headed over a cliff,” says syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, “and he just wants to get past election day. This is a budget worthy of Greece, and for the president of the United States to offer it, knowing how dire our situation is, is truly scandalous.”

Give the president this much credit: However cynical and useless, he has now produced more budgets than Harry Reid’s Senate, which hasn’t passed one in more than 1,000 days.

This is the state of leadership today in what the world looks to as the most got-it-together country.

Heaven help the world.