Free our children

If life isn't fair, at least school choice should be

Tough luck, kids.


That’s the attitude of a highly-paid New Jersey teachers’ union boss, when asked why poor students shouldn’t have school choice and the vouchers to let them escape failing schools.

“Life’s not always fair, and I’m sorry about that,” he shrugged.

This, from New Jersey Education Association Executive Director Vincent Giordano, who pulls down hundreds of thousands a year to say such things.

The arrogance and dismissiveness are breathtaking.

“You know, as Vince drives out of the palace on State Street every day in his big luxury car with his $500,000 salary,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said in response, “I’m sure life’s really fair for him. And if Vince’s kids were in a failing school district, he’d be able to afford to send them to any school in New Jersey that can help them to succeed. But his answer for the single mother in Camden is, ‘Life isn’t fair.’”

The man should resign in shame, Christie says.

The plain-spoken governor may be right. But that won’t solve much. The problem will remain: the unions’ mafia-like hold on the purse strings of education in much of this country – and the occasional Vincent Giordano, whose fat-cat attitude is that the kids can just swallow the swill they’re serving up and be happy about it.

Initially, when asked in a television interview why low-income parents shouldn’t have state help in moving their children out of failing public schools, Giordano tried to argue that “those parents should have exactly the same options (as well-off parents), and they do.” What a stinking pile of rotting garbage that is, and he knows it.

This overlord’s disgusting let-them-eat-cake disdain for the children of low-income Americans illustrates the narcissistic nature of today’s teachers’ unions – and why school choice is the civil rights movement of the early 21st century.

It’s not enough for this one man to get out of the way. It’s time that low-income Americans – indeed, all Americans – received an Emancipation Proclamation for their education.

Life may not be fair. But it darn well ought to be free, especially in a supposedly free country.

Free our children.



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