Now they're silent

Media uncomfortably soft-pedaling Occupy movement's civility nosedive

There have been very revealing moments in the unseemly “Occupy” movement. Mass
arrests. Destruction of property. Blocked commerce. Crimes and deaths. An abandoned child. A man defecating on a police car.


Surely these images and incidents have shamed the protesters’ very early and eager supporters in the media, Democratic Party and the White House. Their silence now is deafening, and telling.

Enlightening, too, is the contrast between
how the Occupy mess has been covered by the media – admiringly at first, now skittishly, if at
all – and how news organizations slandered the grassroots Tea Party for the slightest ginned-up offense.

Note to Tea Party: Don’t hold your breath for an apology from the major news media.

But perhaps most revealing of the less-than-honorable trajectory of the Occupy movement was what happened Saturday in Oakland: Hundreds were arrested and at least three police officers were injured when Occupy protesters stormed a convention center and the YMCA, and broke into City Hall and vandalized it – and burned an American flag in the process.

The media, recall, tried to tar the Tea Party movement if one word, one sign, one protester was deemed out of line. Imagine if Tea Partiers had rioted like this and had 360 of their cohorts arrested, as happened with the Occupiers in Oakland.

Or burned a flag.

You know, the so-called flag-burning debate in this country always focused on the protesters’ right to do it. Never on what it says about them.

Maybe it’s time it did.



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