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Challenge to Obama's citizenship is headed right for the rocks

It’s awfully late in the game. It’s unlikely to prove anything good. And even if it does, it may only hurt the state of Georgia.


Other than that, the court case in Atlanta examining President Obama’s eligibility to be on the ballot is great!

Eight Georgia residents have challenged whether Obama is a natural-born citizen eligible to be president under the Constitution. By law, the complaints apparently have to be dealt with – in this case by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, which referred the case to the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings.

A judge there recently allowed the president to be subpoenaed for a hearing in Atlanta last week, but the commander in chief was elsewhere and so were his lawyers. In their absence, the judge accepted the complainants’ evidence, which included Social Security numbers, Obama’s writings and – you guessed it – his birth certificate.

Most of us figure that’s both a lost cause and a losing cause.

It’s likely a lost cause because, for most Americans, the issue has been settled with the release last year of the president’s Hawaiian birth record.

It’s most certainly a losing cause because it will only engender sympathy toward the president and enmity toward the state and conservatives.

In fact, even if the complainants get their way – and the state decides he’s not a natural-born citizen and keeps him off the ballot this year – won’t that just inspire retribution and ridicule against Georgia? It won’t be lost on a cynical nation that a Southern state has tried to cast out the first African-American president.

And what would keeping him off the ballot accomplish? Isn’t it almost a certainty that Obama will lose the state in November anyway? His being off the ballot is unlikely to change the outcome of the election.

What it will do is make the state look petty and vindictive, and will confirm, in many minds, the misguided notion that this election is personal. It’s not. It’s about this president’s misbegotten policies and the damage they are doing to the country.

Thank goodness the subpoena didn’t work. For one thing, we can’t have every aggrieved citizen in these 50 states dragging the president of the United States into court. For another thing, if the president had complied, it would’ve only made him appear more sympathetic, to Georgia’s pathetic.

For goodness sake, leave it alone and cast your vote in November.



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