Race to the bottom

Liberal mouthpieces keep shoveling out disgusting intolerance

Keeping you abreast of the jaw-dropping outrages of the liberal media might well be a full-time job.


CBSNews.com called Denver quarterback Tim Tebow a “notorious evangelical Christian” for showing his devotion publicly. Notorious? Really? Under “notorious” in the Thesaurus, you’ll find such words as dishonorable, disreputable, ill-famed, infamous, questionable, scandalous, shady, shameful, unadmirable and wicked.

Because he takes a knee on the sideline to pray? One supposes that is what today’s society considers to be “notorious.”

Meanwhile, the same website called ultra-liberal Bill Maher a mere “comedian” – leaving off the “dishonorable, disreputable, ill-famed, infamous, questionable, scandalous, shady, shameful, unadmirable and wicked” part. One could devote an entire department to monitoring and reporting on Maher’s reprehensible hatred, aimed primarily at devout Christians and conservatives, especially conservative women. The only problem: Most of his bile isn’t printable.

Most recently, Maher “tweeted” after a Denver loss on Christmas Eve that Jesus had foiled Tebow bad – only he used a different word for “foiled” beginning with the same letter.

Can you get much more contemptible than that?

Well, you can come close.

Liberal commentator Alan Colmes recently said that Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has done “crazy” things – such as when he and his wife took their hours-old deceased infant home to “play” with the dead baby with their other children before the funeral.

First of all, it is none of Alan Colmes’ business, or anyone else’s, how a family mourns the loss of a child. Second, losing a child may be the most painful thing a human being can endure; for Colmes to make it a political issue is disgusting – to mock it is beyond vile.

And to suggest that it was to “play” with the body – well, that’s just insane, and one of the most revolting things we’ve ever heard. To think it’s “crazy” to take a deceased family member for a short time into a home that he or she should have grown up in, but won’t – and to insinuate it’s done in order to “play” with the deceased infant – is both inane and inhumane.

Colmes angrily defended his remark initially, in the face of righteous, courageous and withering rebuke from conservative commentator Rich Lowry. Ultimately, Colmes had to admit his atrociousness and apologized directly to Santorum. But the deed was revealing nonetheless.

And consider the contrast between the grieving Santorum family and the recent gruesome discovery of 35 human fetuses in an abortion clinic’s freezer in Maryland. Under other circumstances it would be called a “mass grave.” The case will test that state’s fetal homicide law, as well as this nation’s moral compass.

Heaven help a society that condemns a grieving family when its loved and wanted child dies and is mourned in the home – but finds the discovery of 35 dead babies in an institutional freezer to be just another story.

It’s mind-boggling how some people think, and repugnant how they talk.


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