This is the year

We have to regain control of America -- and it could be our last shot

Even as the economy skids along a rocky bottom, and a molten federal government oozes and hardens over more and more of American society, many Americans blithely believe the system itself will save us. It has so far, hasn’t it?


Maybe. But this time is different.

This country has never had leadership more antithetical to American founding principles of individual liberty and self-reliance and free enterprise, or more dedicated to “transforming” the country into something else no one has yet defined.

We’ve never had a Department of “Justice” that arranged to sell guns to America’s drug-cartel enemies while at the same time warring against any state that dares to protect itself from illegal immigration or voter fraud.

And were it of another era to be recounted in your history book, the battle over the overreaching health-care law – in which more than half the states are suing the federal government to stop it – it would be termed nothing less than a rebellion of the states.

Nor even in the early-American days of governance by well-to-do landowners have we had more imperious, impervious, out-of-touch rulers than we do today. They cannot be dislodged from the halls of power with a crowbar and winch, as we thoughtlessly cast them in bronze poses of pickpocketing.

While they spend taxpayers to the precipice of ruin – encumbering future generations with bone-crushing debt – they, themselves, make off like bandits: The net worth of a member of Congress, reports The Washington Post, has nearly tripled in 25 years, as yours has likely fallen.

No, the system won’t save us anymore. It is cannibalizing itself and the country we love right before our eyes.

Sorry to get so political on New Year’s, but there’s good reason: This is the year we all must be political.

It’s the year we must throw the spenders out on their padded fannies, stop the igneous flow of smothering nannyism from Washington and return the country to our birthright of self-determination and the sovereignty of man over the government he formed.

We may only have one more shot at this. This simply must be the year.



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