Find the best shot

GOP presidential win means choosing the most electable candidate

A political cartoon in the Buffalo (N.Y.) News this month aptly depicted Mitt Romney’s quest for the Republican presidential nomination.


The cartoon shows Romney, as the fabled tortoise, inching toward the nomination along a highway littered with the tire-flattened bodies of hares labeled as his GOP rivals.

While skeptical Republican voters and a liberally bent national media have been picking apart – and picking off – other candidates, the former Massachusetts governor consistently shows the least amount of damage from the harsh scrutiny raining down on the Republican field.

And that’s grabbing the attention of more voters.

As ABC News pointed out from the Associated Press’ Thomas Beaumont: “The ascent of libertarian-leaning Ron Paul and the lack of an ideologically pure consensus conservative seem to be awakening a new sense of pragmatism in some Iowa Republicans.”

That attitude hasn’t escaped Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

“The fact of the matter is that people around the country and especially in Iowa want to make sure their decision is sound,” he said. “I think it’s really important to this country that we can put up a candidate (who) is smart and articulate (who) can beat the president.”

More conservatives seem to be finally setting aside their dreams of a nonexistent perfect candidate and have begun to embrace reality: The Republican Party has to unite – and quickly – behind a candidate with the best shot at winning.

And voters have to grasp what the 2012 presidential election really means.

Here’s what Romney said in Davenport, Iowa, Tuesday night: “This is an election not only to replace a president. It is an election to save the soul of America. It is a choice between two destinies.”

Americans have built a way of life on a foundation of hard work, strong moral values, self-reliance and an ingenuity unfettered by Big Government interference. That way of life has been envied by the rest of the world – at least until recently.

The United States now is saddled with a president intent on spending your children’s and grandchildren’s tax dollars by the trillions to cultivate a docile nanny state tended by a bloated bureaucracy.

Which way of life suits you best?

If you want Obama out of the White House in January 2013, now is not the time to be a one-issue voter. Americans have to look at the big picture – and the political picture Obama has painted during his term is a monstrosity best left unfinished.



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