No teachable moment here

"Occupy" movement inspires, but Tea Party doesn't?

The Tea Party movement changed politics in a
pivotal election year.


It changed the national dialogue, putting the government’s dangerous overspending on the front burner and on top of mind.

It changed control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

It awakened and inspired hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans – people unashamed to show their faces – to become involved in the political process.

And no one had to arrest hordes of them or send in the haz-mat suits to clean up after them.

In contrast, the “Occupy” movement has yet to register on the electoral Richter scale. Its message has been incomprehensible, its methods often illegal and its environmental record a disaster. Even liberal city mayors have gotten fed up with the occupiers. Democrats who once praised the movement have backed off a mile, and for good reason. Most recently, the occupiers have set out to destroy commerce by blocking ports along the west coast.

OK, so which of these two movements do you suppose helped inspire Time magazine to name “The Protester” its Person of the Year? Yep.

It’s worth noting, too, that the Occupy movement has inspired two classes at New York University, one of them a graduate-level seminar.

Hmm. Guess the Tea Party movement isn’t quite the “teachable moment” that the Occupy movement is. But, you know, the Tea Partiers are all up in the Constitution and stuff. Who needs to be taught about that?



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