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Federal agency was used as a union weapon against Boeing

The National Labor Relations Board has no clothes.


Now that the Machinists union has agreed to terms on a new contract with Boeing, the NLRB has magically dropped its insidious, cynical effort to prevent Boeing from operating a plant in South Carolina.

Thus, the NLRB’s illicit motives have now been laid bare: The government agency was acting all along as a surrogate and tool for the unions, wielding the inestimable power of government to squeeze a company into submission.

It’s something more befitting Vladimir Putin’s Russia than a U.S. entity.

“Boeing pays its ransom,” lamented a Boston Herald editorial headline.

Hey, it’s just the cost of doing business under the Obama administration.

Blessedly, Republicans in Congress won’t just roll over and forget about the outrage – of government trying to hog-tie one of the nation’s biggest employers at the behest of a union.

Consider: If they’ll do this to a behemoth such as Boeing, who won’t they do it to?

“I’m glad the ridiculous complaint against Boeing has gone away,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., “but there are disturbing questions about possible collaboration between the Machinists union and the NLRB against Boeing. These questions must be answered.”

“The NLRB’s dismissal of charges against Boeing only after union approval of their new contract only confirms the charges were a politically-motivated negotiation tactic, not a serious complaint based on merit,” Sen. Jim DeMint R-S.C., added. “Unfortunately, real and serious damage to America’s competitiveness has already been done. A precedent has been set by the NLRB that they will attack businesses in forced-unionism states that try to create jobs in right-to-work states. Those on the NLRB board who led this attack on workers’ rights should resign immediately.”

They won’t, of course. Neither will the Senate, controlled by Democrats, deign to investigate the NLRB’s sleazy attempt at intimidation. It will be up to the Republican-controlled House – which already has its hands full probing administration loans to political cronies (Solyndra, et al.), the epically disastrous “Fast and Furious” federal gun-running scandal, a Justice Department that won’t come clean on Fast and Furious, the exploding MF Global scandal and more.

Ultimately, it will be up to voters next year to put an end to the thuggish, Soviet-style cudgelling of businesses that dare to create jobs in nonunion states.

The attack on Boeing was an attack on freedom, and therefore an assault on us all.


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