It's the Tyranny, Stupid

Obama's dictatorial bent has perverted our constitutional government

If our Founding Fathers had felt the need for a campaign slogan, it wouldn’t have been “It’s the Economy, Stupid.” Most of them were fairly well off. Yet, they still rebelled.


Nope. Their slogan would’ve been “It’s the Tyranny, Stupid.”

That’s because it doesn’t matter how well you’re doing or how good the economy is if you’re under the thumb of an oppressive monarch – like our founders were, and like we’re getting to be.

It’s an interesting, almost paradoxical contrast: Never before have we had a president so devoid of leadership skills and yet so power-hungry.

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul says President Obama is verging on becoming an elected dictator, with an increasingly overbearing and imperious approach in which he rules by executive order in order to circumvent Congress. Paul is absolutely right. It truly is alarming to see the growth in executive power and arrogance under Mr. Obama. Even Democrats in Congress may come to rue their negligent acquiescence to this perversion of constitutional government and its checks and balances.

One can only pray the American public sees what’s happening and changes course next year. Indeed, a new Gallup Poll this past week, says U.S. News and World Report, shows Mr. Obama’s approval rating is the lowest “of any president at this stage of his term in modern political history.”

Yet, we would caution conservatives and Republicans from making the 2012 elections solely about the economy. For one thing, the economy could uptick, out of the sheer natural force of a restive population that’s been held down by regulation and taxation too long. What then? Wouldn’t Mr. Obama be giddy to claim credit?

More importantly, this election can’t be about the economy alone because, as the experience with the Founding Fathers proves, some things are more important – such as freedom.

Since taking office, Mr. Obama and his friends on Capitol Hill have deigned to order us to purchase health insurance, while reserving to themselves the right to prescribe what it includes and what procedures will be paid for; bypassed Congress to regulate carbon emissions with an eye toward refereeing nearly all business activities; gone to court multiple times to block states from protecting themselves against illegal immigration; passed the most strangulating
financial regulations in American history, in the Dodd-Frank bill; nationalized two-thirds of the U.S. car industry as well as the student loan industry; tried to block non-union jobs in South Carolina at a time of record-high unemployment; installed a shut-off valve on American energy production; and much more.

All of these things have a deleterious effect on our fiscal fortunes, to be sure, but they are much bigger and more important than even the world’s biggest economy. They do unmasked violence to the very nature of what it means to be American.

There have, on occasion, been shocking glimpses into the nature of what it means to be Barack Obama, but here’s an especially apt example for this discussion. Speaking to CBS anchor Katie Couric in February 2010, he said:

“I would have loved nothing better than to simply come up with some very elegant, academically approved approach to health care (that) didn’t have any kinds of legislative fingerprints on it, and just go ahead and have that passed. But that’s not how it works in our democracy. Unfortunately, what we end up having to do is to do a lot of negotiations with a lot of different people.”

Yes, self-rule does get in the way of elites who would prefer to “simply come up with some very elegant, academically approved approach” to solving all our problems. But most of us wouldn’t call the consent of the governed and the input of our elected representatives “unfortunate.”

It’s the Tyranny, Stupid.



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