Where's the shock?

Middle-school sex case shows another symptom of society's erosion

We don’t know the details of what happened – the report released to the public doesn’t say.


But three Glenn Hills students were suspended for the rest of the school year recently for engaging in “sexual activity” at school, while several others served as lookouts and were suspended for the semester.

Oops. That should have read “Glenn Hills Middle School.” Not high school. Middle school.

Some of us are old enough to remember when the occasional kiss on the elementary school playground was as close to a
sex scandal as a school got. Today, “sexual activity” at least brings suspension, but not much more. It’s not big news, law
enforcement authorities apparently aren’t notified, administrators apparently aren’t admonished, parents aren’t brought into court or social services,
no brouhaha at the school board.

What a sad state of affairs.

Shouldn’t this be a bigger deal than a mere notation on a sanitized report? Isn’t it just a little symptomatic of many of our problems in the larger society?

By almost every measure, American society is tilling the ground for this sort of thing. In the past few generations, nuclear families have blown apart; church-going has eroded; entertainment media have erased every line of decency society ever tried to draw; and simple manners and courtesy, as well as respect for authority, have been tossed out with the trash.

When the water temperature goes up a little at a time, nothing shocks the frog.

6 Glenn Hills Middle pupils suspended for sexual activity


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