Sour note falls flat

Late-show band strikes up cheap-shot insult to female candidate

One news headline called it a “mishap.”


You decide whether it was – while keeping in mind the fact that “mishap” is defined as “bad luck; an unfortunate accident.”

When Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was invited to be on the Jimmy Fallon show, his band was faced with the decision of what music to play while she walked onstage. They chose a song by Fishbone called – and we have to censor it – Lyin’ A-- B----, for which the operative lyric is “You’re nothing but a little lyin’ a-- b-----.”

Think about that for a moment. This was the musical message delivered to a sitting congresswoman in good standing who is running for president.

A mishap? Bad luck? An unfortunate accident? Or a purposeful, profane, public slap-in-the-face slander?

Did they think it was funny? Did they think it would remain an inside joke – that only the in-crowd would know what song they were playing and what its lyrics say?

When observers note the liberal bias of the media, they’re generally talking about the news media – but the bias may be even more pernicious in the entertainment media, where they not only choose sides politically but they apparently feel free to do so in the nastiest, most profane ways possible. They can do that, because they’re just joking, right?

Recall that liberal comedian David Letterman once cackled about the thought of a minor daughter of Sarah Palin being impregnated by a New York Yankee. Comedian Jay Leno’s interviews of Democrat and Republican politicians are markedly different, as well. As for Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and HBO’s Bill Maher – well, they’re both biased, but Maher is so far beyond the pale in what he says about conservatives that it truly is beyond words.

Late-night bands are famous for choosing musical introductions that have something to do with the guest. It’s hardly an accident.

There can be no question in any reasonable person’s mind that a liberal female politician would never have been subjected to the street-worthy slight that Jimmy Fallon’s band excreted on such a lovely, patriotic, God-fearing, respectable mother and foster mom, lawyer and congresswoman as Michele Bachmann. The forced apology by the network – which Bachmann noted didn’t come from the top – and the supposed “severe” reprimand of the band don’t come close to making amends. Heads should have rolled – in the same fashion as, say, a conservative’s head might have if a liberal had been insulted thusly.

But then, Michele Bachmann is fair game. She’s a conservative and a woman.

Liberal musicians have names for such people.



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