The better to kill them?

We have just seen a preview of how a news media that worked very hard to elect a president will be building fortifications around his presidency in 2012.


That the “mainstream” media skewed the 2008 election in Barack Obama’s favor is not in dispute, nor is it a matter of opinion or speculation. Even honest members of the major national media have admitted it, and studies have documented it, while Saturday Night Live paid satirical homage to it.

Even in the midst of this administration’s epic failure – again, the economic and polling data make it clear enough, and those who are paying attention know that’s just the tip of the iceberg – the media are going to defend this man to their last breath.

Dan Lothian of CNN didn’t just toss a softball over the plate to Mr. Obama at a press conference over the weekend, but he also moved the fences in. Asking about several Republican presidential candidates’ support for waterboarding of terror suspects, Lothian’s question went this way:

“I’m wondering if you think that they’re uninformed, out of touch, or irresponsible.”

Swing away, Mr. President! Aren’t White House correspondents supposed to be a little less cuddly and a little more challenging?

OK, we’ll do it for them.

First off, Mr. President, it’s more than curious that you would seek to claim the moral high ground in the matter of the war on terror. While you decry waterboarding of a few select terrorists – the worst of the worst, in an effort to get life-saving information, and in a way that actually does no lasting injury – your administration actually stepped up lethal bombing attacks by unmanned “Predator” drone aircraft. The BBC reported last year that drone attacks more than doubled under the Obama administration.

The president is right about one thing, though: There is no moral equivalency between putting a guy’s head in the toilet, which scares terror suspects, and lobbing missiles from aircraft – which kills them dead, along with anyone else who happens to be in the vicinity. It’s just that this president is on the wrong side of the equation.

So Mr. Obama is self-righteously against waterboarding. When’s he going to come out against killing people from the sky? How is doing that better than capturing and interrogating them without causing injury? You don’t get a trial, military or otherwise, after the Predator’s been to see you.

And how is it that the media are going to not only let him get away with this galactic hypocrisy, but actually prod him into it?



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