'Oops' indeed

It may have been the most painful, embarrassing, self-destructive 53 seconds in post-television presidential debate history.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry, needing a solid debate presence Wednesday night in Michigan after several fumbling performances, absolutely “stepped in it” as he admitted later. Trying to list but three federal agencies he would close as president, Perry recited Commerce and Education and – well, spent nearly a minute grasping for the third.

It was an utterly agonizing spectacle. Most of us have experienced occasional brain freezes, but we’re not running for president. And what a time for it: The man was very assertively naming just three agencies he’d close (later saying the third was Energy), and he couldn’t even do that?

Just as troubling was how ineptly he handled the situation – continuing to scrape around in vain for the answer, while
his competitors gleefully watched him squirm, before
he meekly concluded, “Oops.” His mind simply went into a
cul-de-sac and never re-emerged.

There’s little doubt the Perry presidential campaign ended in those 53 seconds.

That leaves former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, businessman Herman Cain and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as the most likely nominees.

Once again, Romney appeared to be the safest candidate most apt to do well in a general election; Cain continued to be the most liked; and Gingrich solidified his status as the best choice to be president. It’s just doubtful the left-leaning media would allow a Gingrich presidency, if they could stop it – and Gingrich himself has given them plenty of ammunition with his past.

As for Cain, the media panel from financial network and host CNBC provoked a mutiny from the studio audience by injecting his sexual harassment accusations into what was billed as a debate exclusively about the economy. What the heck were they thinking?

Question: How can people in the national media be so completely, grossly, blissfully out of touch with the people they claim to serve?

Of course, there are three people in the “mainstream” media who do get it. They are ... um ... er ...



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