Sold out from under us

Immigration raid exposes seedy side of American opportunity

Smart people don’t buy or sell stolen electronics out of a car trunk. Or jewelry. Or clothes.


Or opportunity.

The latter is what an Evans couple are accused of doing, by selling illegal immigrants the opportunity to work and live in America – albeit not out of a trunk, but out of their $1.7 million, eight-bedroom mansion on a golf course.

Federal authorities say Hugo Diaz and Blanca Miranda De Diaz garnered more than $400,000 in illicit income while sheltering seven illegals. And while the feds didn’t say it, it’s a no-brainer the seven were here to work illegally, presumably for Diaz’s De La Fuente Construction.

If they did so, they not only violated immigration laws but also undercut local competition and thus cheated area builders.

Such is the morass of the perverted “compassion” that leads some to believe it’s fine to let people hop a border and work illegally. As with someone selling stolen merchandise out of a trunk – which cheats legitimate business people – selling stolen opportunity corrupts everyone involved in the process and chisels law-abiding businessmen and women.

We’re told that large cash and check transactions were occurring regularly within this shady operation, which itself is a telltale sign of potential illegalities.

At bottom, they’re nakedly selling the Statue of Liberty out from under us. Well, guess what: It’s not theirs to sell. And it’s time they were made to stop.

We used to have a term for what’s alleged in this case: indentured servitude. It was a bad idea hundreds of years ago, and it still is.

If the next presidential administration does not put an end to this outrage and secure America’s border once and for all, then the American people ought to follow the example of the Minutemen and do it themselves.

America is all about opportunity. It was built by immigrants, on the firm foundation of a system of laws that respect individual liberty and reward industry. But America’s promise is debased, defiled and spat upon by those who would trample on our laws and cynically game the system and profit from their crimes.

Enough is enough. Stop selling America out of a trunk.