War declared!

Has there ever been a presidential administration this hostile to the states it’s supposed to be serving?


First the Obama administration forced a one-size-fits-all health-care law on us that is breathtaking in its assumption of federal power – including a mandate on all citizens to buy insurance, and an “interstate commerce” fine for not getting off their couch and doing it. Never before has the government sought to fine otherwise law-abiding citizens for simply doing nothing, nor has the government ever had the power to order all of us to purchase a product (car insurance is not mandatory on all citizens, since driving is a privilege, not a right; breathing, on the other hand, is not optional).

More than half the states have found it necessary to go to court to overturn the health-care overreach – a fact that history books might look back on as the Obama Rebellion.

Now the Obama Justice Department is at war with a growing number of states over their attempts to stem the tide of illegal immigration – a task the federal government (over multiple administrations) has failed to do. South Carolina is the latest, after Arizona and Alabama.

South Carolina’s legislation makes it a state crime to be in the state illegally, and requires undocumented aliens to be reported to federal authorities. The Obama administration claims the South Carolina law “interferes with the federal government’s enforcement of immigration.” That’s odd. Years ago, a law requiring state officials to report federal lawbreakers to federal authorities would have been called “cooperation.” How times have changed!

It’s actually the federal government that ought to be dragged into court to answer for its abject failure to carry out its first and most fundamental charge: securing our borders and our national security.

For those of us who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law, it’s surreal, to say the least, to see an American presidential administration act in such openly hostile ways toward the states that make up this country. Even those states that have not enacted tough immigration laws and been sued by the feds should be alarmed and should stand with their brethren against this tyrannical federal government.

In every measurable way, this federal government is out of control – financially, legally, constitutionally and more.

Congress, too – without regard for party – should be outraged and alarmed at the extent to which this administration is bypassing it in order to legislate via executive order – also known as fiat. This president’s usurpation of legislative power is a concern not just for the opposition party, but for every current and future legislator of every stripe.

It’s as if our own government has declared war on America.

Where and when will it stop?

Apparently in court and next November.



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