Do more with less

We don’t need to fundamentally transform America, as Barack Obama promised to do.


We need to fundamentally transform Washington.

And we will have to do it against our leaders’ wishes and over the virulent objections of the “mainstream” media – which historically questioned authority but now defend it like junk yard dogs.

You would think that if our current system of government would ever transform itself, it would be now. The federal government is drowning us in oceans of debt – more than $14 trillion in operating losses now and another $60 to $100 trillion in projected “unfunded liabilities” for such things as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

We are indebted as far as the eye can see to China and other creditors who, other than being our sugar daddies, don’t much care for us. How smart is that? And there’s no end in sight to the borrowing: Even though it represents but one year’s worth of deficit spending, our crack members of Congress can’t manage to cut a trillion or two over the next 10 years without forming a “super committee” to jam the cuts down their own throats. And that’s only if the committee has that much gumption, which is yet to be demonstrated.

We are spending money that only our children and grandchildren will be able to pay back – just to make our current state of affairs a little cushier. How immoral is that?

Furthermore, financial experts are becoming desperately worried that the unprecedented overspending, combined with horrible mismanagement of the currency by the Federal Reserve and Treasury, will also endanger the dollar. Many are predicting hyperinflation, especially in the wake of several rounds of dollar printing.

Add to all this the fact that last November, voters sent Republicans in overwhelming numbers to control the House of Representatives with a mandate to get the spending under control.

What has happened since then has been a creeping catastrophe: Republicans have put on a show of cutting spending that Democrats in the Senate and White House refuse to go along with, pushing the government to the edge several times.

And despite all these pressures to rein in spending, and Congress’ claims of cutting $38 billion from the current budget earlier this year, Investors Business Daily reports that federal spending has actually gone up this year: by an additional $120 billion in the first nine months, compared to a year ago.

Yet, liberals are claiming that government cutbacks are hurting the economy. Far-left economist Paul Krugman wrote that “the turn toward austerity (is) a major factor in our growth slowdown.”

Austerity? What austerity? What are these people smoking?

If you think they’re whining now, even as the government is actually spending more, just wait until reality jumps in a ship and sails from Athens to America: In Greece, where fat public pensions and overly generous benefits have not only bankrupted that country but reached deep into other countries’ pockets, real (and belated) austerity measures led to unions striking and rioting and generally making the cradle of ancient civilization a mess.

We see that on TV, yet continue down the same path. How brainless is that?

It’s become clear that our “leaders” won’t help us avert the same fate. We’ll have to do it ourselves.

We have to vote out elected representatives who don’t have the stomach to save America. We have to begin work on constitutional amendments to limit their terms in office and their spending. And we have to answer our fellow citizens’ cries for more government spending with louder and stronger calls for less of it.

We simply must transform Washington. That work has only just begun.



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