Occupy this

Job fairs offer positive opportunities that protests do not

Some people see the world as it is, and lay down and protest.


Others see the world as it could be, and line up for jobs.

While the supposed disenfranchised of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations camp out and lash out – and get arrested and cause public disturbances and environmental cleanups – others, such as in Augusta, are attending job fairs and trying to better themselves.

Nearly 900 job-seekers waited patiently to fill out résumés and to audition for employers at a job fair Sept. 29 at the Evans government complex – including one woman who recalled doing the same thing in Atlanta earlier this year and never making it inside. On Oct. 4, some 2,000 attended a job fair at Fort Gordon’s Army Reserve Center – where one job seeker said of prospective employers, “They were happier to see me than I was to see them!”

Today, Congressman John Barrow’s office is holding yet another job fair where 31 companies will be looking to fill jobs: It will be at the Bernie Ward Community Center, 1941 Lumpkin Road, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Barrow’s office is also offering tips for landing the right job.

We applaud Congressman Barrow for being proactive and doing more than just issuing the same old political talking points we’ve all been hearing emanate from Washington – while the politicians argue and get very little done. Good for him.

We also appreciate people who, rather than point blame for their plight, simply want to be pointed toward a brighter future.



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