Bad seeds

World's crop of radical jihadists need to be plowed under

Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, whose briefs are now at least as famous as Tom Cruise’s once were, figures he was just getting us back by stuffing his skivvies with explosives.


You know: bombing an airliner over Detroit on Christmas – what a great way to stick it to Christians! – to retaliate for all the Muslims that America is oppressing across the world.

Like in Libya.

Wait. That was another Muslim.

Uh, Syria.

OK, another Muslim.

Yemen? Nope.

Iraq! No – actually they hanged that guy. Checking on that ... yep, Muslim.

Hmmm. It seems Captain Underpants’ reasoning leaves something to be desired. That’s not a small matter, since he used that zigzag mental process to justify his plot to kill some 300 innocent people.

It’s amazing the corn maze that exists in some people’s minds.

Just to drive a plow through that thinking: If there’s tyranny being applied to Muslims in the world – and there is – it’s at the hands of other Muslims. Moreover, almost every act of terror that’s been perpetrated or drawn on a cocktail napkin in the past four decades has been cooked up by radical Muslims with corn mazes for brains.

This particular one – a sorry loser whose guilty plea to eight counts this week mercifully removed his vacant mug from the news – should get life without parole, as should every jihadist who follows his miserable ant trail.

But this madness will cease only when radical Muslims themselves, and the moderates in their midst, stop the insane hatred of other forms of life on this planet – and stop oppressing each other and devoting their misbegotten lives to killing others.

In short, it’s time the Muslim world destroyed the seed corn from which these crazed mazes sprout.



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