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Liberal media's coverage of GOP candidates stuck in attack mode
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, shown with his wife, Mary Pat, is reportedly reconsidering a run for the presidency in 2012. If he does, watch for liberal media to pounce as they have on other GOP candidates.

Extremist. Right-wing Christian conservatives. Out of step. Kooky.


These are just some of the descriptions that today’s news media would use if the current Republican presidential field were populated by the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison or any of the signers of the U.S. Constitution.

Yes, the country has changed in more than 200 years. But to the point where the founders would be regarded as unfit for public office? And you wonder why the country they stitched together is unraveling?

The truth is, the liberal media – which still include the three original broadcast networks, CNN, MSNBC, most major newspapers and many wire service reporters, NPR, PBS and even late-night comedians and the Comedy Central network’s fake news shows – have done their best to assassinate the characters of every promising and up-and-coming GOP candidate. They will never find one that they like, certainly not as much as they like just about any Democrat that comes down the pike.

The media’s well-documented “slobbering love affair” with the current president, as one author put it, tops even their regard for disgraced former President Bill Clinton: The Today show’s Matt Lauer recently asked Clinton, “One of the things that’s always impressed me – you’re really good in a closed room. I mean, you get people to commit to things, to invest money. Are you surprised at how good you are at that?”

The lesson here is, you ultimately can’t take to the bank the characterizations of the candidates that you see in the media. They are not unbiased; in fact, they are highly biased. In short, you must make up your own mind.

We have personally met several of the Republican presidential candidates, and have researched all of them. They are nothing like what many in the media want you to believe. They are smart and capable individuals with a great love for this country and its inherent goodness. They’re not mean and intolerant and racist and all the other shopworn slurs that are hurled their way.

The most “extreme” of them, Rep. Ron Paul, is guilty only of adhering as closely to the Constitution – which is still supposed to be a legally binding contract on us all – as he can. If that’s the worst you can say about someone, it hardly disqualifies him for office.

Michele Bachmann is a personable, engaging and highly accomplished individual. Herman Cain, a non-politician whose résumé is replete with national-level business success, is given no credit for it but is winning a lot of hearts and minds. Newt Gingrich has some personal baggage – although the kind of which has never stopped the media from fawning over Bill Clinton – but he’s clearly among the smartest in the field.

This will tell you how cynical and irrelevant the media can be, though: When Gingrich announced this week that he’ll be unveiling his vision for America in a Sept. 29 speech, the snarky website concluded, “Newt Gingrich has been staking his whole White House bid on the idea that he’s the smartest and most idea-driven candidate in the GOP field.” So, instead of wondering what the ideas are or if they’re worthy of trying, Politico just wants to make being “idea driven” a self-serving attribute.

Is it any wonder why good ideas go to Washington to die? They can’t catch a breath in this stultifying political climate.

In this polluted atmosphere, some Republicans are in a panic over the GOP presidential field supposedly being lackluster. They’re only eating the pap the media are feeding them. But it’s leading them to keep asking New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to run, despite his consistent refusal. He may be cracking; reports indicate he may be reconsidering a run.

We hope he does; we love his frankness.

It’s a good bet the media won’t.



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