The real enemy

Though government won't admit it, we're already fighting Iran

Republican presidential candidates were so busy going after each other in their Iowa debate Thursday that they nearly forgot about the real enemy.


Increasingly, it's clear that enemy is Iran.

Tehran's handiwork is evident in Iraq and Afghanistan, where it's an open secret that Iran is at war with the United States, and in Lebanon, where its proxy terrorist organization Hezbollah is gaining strength.

Iran is "in up to its eyeballs" in hostile acts against U.S. forces and interests around the world, Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the nonprofit Center for Security Policy, told us recently.

When asked specifically if Iran is fighting us through the Taliban in Afghanistan, Gaffney replied, "Oh, absolutely."

"Over here we know that Iran is arming the Taliban," one observer there told us.

Gaffney is even more concerned that Iran is pursuing the ability to fire nuclear weapons from ships, which could cripple an electronics-dependent society such as ours with an overhead burst.

Rick Santorum seems to get it. The GOP presidential candidate warned Thursday that Iran has been at war with us since 1979, and has killed more Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan than the natives have.

Why won't our government admit all this? Because, Gaffney says, once you acknowledge it you have to do something about it.



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