A message to graduates

Now is the time for all good graduates of high school, college, university and medical school, to realize the rights, responsibilities and privileges that come forth with their degrees and their completion of this life phase of education.


That first fact is to realize the learning is lifelong. It does not stop when you get out of high school, university, medical school, law school, pharmacy school or technical college. It just begins to help you come to understand that this value of education is everyday for the rest of your life.

Now is the time to commit to lifelong learning at your job, church, home and vocation -- and the more you know, the more you are going to learn in the years ahead.

The world has changed so much in technology, education, jobs, commercial businesses and relationships that we must be prepared to keep on learning from our peers, mentors, co-workers, pastors, spouses, neighbors and friends that education does not ever stop at all.

The world of today demands that you keep on getting further credentials for your field of employment. Your vocation, brain, heart and health are constantly wishing to grasp at more facts, knowledge and information to make you wise and healthy.

Now is the time for all graduates to take on their responsibility to keep on learning in the field and on the job and with continuing education courses and reading and watching for new developments in your whole range of interests, hobbies and family lifestyle.

Now is the time for all graduates to come to understand that there are no breaks from school, as life is a school all its own for us to travel down its path to learn about the wonders of our technologies, sciences, job opportunities and life choices to make for yourself and your family.

Now is the time for all graduates to come to terms that life is seeking them to come and discover the vast world of wonderful information that can make them caring about the continued learning that goes on and on for their benefit and the good of the whole wide world.

So take this time to appreciate your present accomplishments. However, come to realize that this is just one step into a future of new beginnings and fresh hope for a better tomorrow for all you graduating this year.

(The writer is parochial vicar at the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Augusta.)