It's the year of promise

When one person makes a promise to God or to another human being, it is meant to be kept with honesty, love, commitment, sacrifice, devotion and authenticity.


So now that we all have entered a brand-new year in 2011, we all wish to make this year better by doing the events and activities and responsibilities we face rightly and with complete harmony and respect for ourselves and others. We must act with complete trust in God and complete honesty to keep our promises so all in the family, community, church, state, nation and world can live with peace.

I strongly recommend to all of you this incentive to do your best each day with a greater love of self, neighbor, family and friend by beginning each day by saying, "Lord, reduce me to love and loving all with integrity and peace and respect and dignity and honor!"

Reducing ourselves to the gift of love is a powerful motivator to making 2011 an ever better year than any we have lived so far. Yes! God wishes us all to live better lives for His plan. That is far superior to any we can conceive of, imagine or create. God's plan is perfect. His will is our happiness.

God's plan of redemption is the master plan for our being holy and beloved in his sight.

Reducing ourselves to love enables us to be more understanding, gentle, kind, sweet, courteous, trustworthy and loving to all in our lives. The very reason we exist is to know, love and serve God in this world, and be forever happy with God in heaven.

Take the promise in 2011 to reduce your life to the service of love. You will live a happier life when you commit to living a life and promise of commitment to loving God with all your mind, heart and soul. God will see to that! Amen!

(The writer is parochial vicar of the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Augusta.)