Exactly what were human beings meant for?

So far this year in the newspaper I have written articles on the topics of the value of human life and the meaning and purpose of human life.


My focus with you today is on a topic near and dear to my heart. The topic is what is our life meant to be in terms of character and integrity and substance. What is the reason for our existence and for what would we die for?

In my perspective, we are called to love and be loved fully. That means that each human life is not to be lived superficially or half-heartedly. Each person's life is meant to have real substantive love in our relationships at home, our learning in a school or homeschool setting, and our basis for love and being loved comes from the heart of Jesus Christ, who gave His very all that we might be alive in Him.

The human being's immortal value is so noble and so magnificent that the Lord of life and Redeemer of humankind came down to experience our very nature. Jesus is fully human and simultaneously fully God. His divinity is revealed by the theophanies within holy Scripture and the belief of all Christians comes from the testimony of the Holy Spirit and the apostles and the books of the New Testament , declaring Jesus is true God .

The human being's personal adventure in life is meant to discover true meaningful love in the context of a faithful loving relationship between husband and wife and in the faithful loving rearing of their children in the ways of faith. Some find this same fundamental life of love in a consecrated life , like a celibate priest or religious brother or nun. For the majority, the love is deep and personal and strong and found in the marriage covenant.

The human being's spirituality is a strong characteristic as well. God's Spirit rests upon us in our very soul, the spiritual component within us to live beyond the grave. Our souls are immortal and thus death is a passageway to a life unending prepared by God.

The human person lives fully for something greater than oneself. God has given us the blessings and graces to become our best fullest selves in all the situations we face throughout the ups and downs and joys and sorrows of a human life. God is the Holy Guide spiritually directing us to live for Him above all things and be with him in heaven.

The human person grows and develops with gentleness and humility to acknowledge that we have a rhyme and reason for loving and living and that noble purpose is to give ourselves in holiness and grace to the God who created us so magnificently.

The human person is meant to discover now and forever that our time on earth is quickly fleeting with many emotions and many relationships . However, the single reason God has created us is to give ourselves back to Him with great love each day. Our souls are restless until they rest in our Redeemer's full embrace in heaven. This is the purpose and destiny of all human beings and God is providing us the love to accomplish this with a great deal of joy that we can be one forever with the Giver of all life.

(The writer is parochial vicar at the Church of the Most Holy trinity in Augusta.)