Editorial: They need to own this

What the party is doing now is clearly not working in either party's or the public's interest.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Hotchkiss: Flat wrong: Famous people's pronouncements often sound famously dumb

I have a great litmus test to determine whether celebrities are geniuses: Geniuses typically don't walk around crowing about what geniuses they are.
By Joe Hotchkiss

Column: How does the Greatest Generation stack up against today's generations?

Are we destined to become the "Worst Generation" as the reader from Augusta believes?
By Ed Conant

Guest Column:Trap-neuter-release program for stray cats requires the right approach

Call your vet to see if he or she is willing to help out. We all can make a big difference!
By Mark Tribby, D.V.M.

Guest Column: Valentine's Day at work - it's best for everyone to leave Cupid at home

As companies prepare for Valentine's Day, some employers and human resources professionals will be wishing Cupid had stayed at home.
By Michelli Rivera

Letter: Indeed, all lives matter

But seemingly some lives matter more than others.
By Earline Gray
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AU researchers find possible fat blocker for diabetic
Researchers at Au­gus­ta University have found a novel compound that, in an animal model, blocks the creation of the fats in the digestive system without harming the level of growth hormone.
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