Editorial: Leak looks hard to repair

This surely will not be the last time you hear about these documents between now and Nov. 4.
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Letter: Child-care help available

For further information, please call any Y or visit our website at www.thefamilyy.org.
By Danny McConnell

Letter: Dissent isn't treasonous

If being against this tyrannical government is traitorous - guilty!
By Linda Parnell

Letter: Agencies are attack dogs

The solution to the menace of the IRS is not to reform the agency but to dismantle it brick by brick and replace it with a Fair Tax.
By Jim Irish

Path out of poverty

This nation’s leaders have taken $20 trillion from Americans to fund the War on Poverty since 1964. It’s time to change the war strategy.

Contact your Georgia lawmaker

ATLANTA -- Here is contact information for Augusta region state lawmakers
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