Editorial: The truth about taxes

Why does this ridiculous notion persist that rich people are cheating the system?
By Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

Guest Column: Don't allow another priceless piece of Augusta's history to be destroyed

Let's do something that will make us and future generations of Augustans proud of our city, not ashamed.
By Tennent Houston

Column: Descent into violence will not solve deeper problems

How will this violence solve tensions between the police and the communities they work and live in? It won't.
By Craig Douglas Albert Ph.D.

Guest Column: Session yielded both victories and challenges

When your pocketbook is well-managed, it creates a good environment for job creation and more responsible living.
By State Rep. Barry Fleming

Letter: Holiday proposal is insulting

Celebrating defeat is not a characteristic of ours.
By Terry D. Bowden

Letter: Treat flag with respect

People have died and shed blood in defense of this flag.
By Gil Ward

The truth about taxes

When you’re filing your taxes next year, and you have a nagging suspicion you may be paying the government “too much,” it’s not some rich guy’s fault.
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