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Blythe, Ga., died Tuesday. DeLoach Funeral Home. Mr. Fred Willie Carswell, Jr., Augusta, died Monday. Dent's Funeral Home. Mr. Isiah Ike Cohen, New Smyrna Beach, Fla., died Saturday. Riley's Funeral Home- Hampton Chapel, Inc. Mrs. Henrietta Curry, Augusta, died Tuesday. Williams Funeral Home. Mr. William B. 'Willie' Dorn, McCormick, S.C., died Tuesday. Beggs Funeral Home. Mrs. Lizzie Mae Doyle, Augusta, Ga., died Tuesday. Williams Funeral Home. Mr. Thomas Dale Lookabill, Sr., Aiken, died Monday. Shellhouse-Rivers Funeral Home. Mrs. Betty Jane Pixley, Rochester, N.Y., died Saturday. Amos & Sons Funeral Home. Mrs. Lillie Mae Tanksley, Augusta, Ga., died Monday. Kinsey & Walton Funeral Home. Mrs. Priscilla Walters, Augusta, died Monday. Williams Funeral Home. Mr. Lewis T. Wells, North Augusta, died Tuesday. Rowland Funeral Home. FUNERALS TODAY Mrs. Rachel Caldwell Best, Martinez, 11 a.m., Antioch Lutheran Church Cemetery, Dallas, N.C. Mrs. Grace B. Hatney, Augusta, 7 p.m., United House of Prayer for All People. Braydon J. Jones, Augusta, 1 p.m., Augusta Deliverance Evangelistic Church. Burial in Cedar Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Bonnie Bell Slade, Beech Island, S.C., 3 p.m., Milton Shealy Funeral Home, Batesburg, S.C. Mr. Jerry Whitehead, Millen, Ga., 11:30 a.m., Summertown United Methodist Church Cemetery. OBITUARY PLACEMENT INFORMATION Call 706-823-3351 to place an obituary. The obituary line is staffed Monday-Friday 12 pm-5 pm Saturday and Sunday 2 pm-5 pm. You may fax 706-823-3588 or email an obituary notice at any time. There is no charge for the first 12 lines of an obituary the first day it appears in the newspaper. Additional lines may be purchased. Obituaries are submitted by the funeral homes and may be edited for style and policy. Your funeral home can assist you with the details. The deadline for the next day's publication is 5 pm. The deadline on Holidays is 4 pm for the next day's publication. Please call 706-823-3351 for additional information. OBITUARIES ONLINE The Obituaries are now online at,

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