NFL power rankings



Every week of the season, The Augusta Chronicle's Raymond Beasock will rank the pro teams.

Team Prv.

1. Indianapolis Colts 1

Impressive showing missing two of their many offensive weapons.

2. New England Patriots 2

If they get by Dallas, they should go undefeated heading into a meeting with Indy in Week 9.

3. Dallas Cowboys 3

Survived the trap game, now they get a real test.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers 5

Looked amazing in shutting out Seattle.

5. Green Bay Packers 4

Big slip on Sunday night. Will they recover?

6. Tennessee Titans 8

Defense is playing very well, led by Albert Haynesworth.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars 10

Went into Arrowhead and ran over Kansas City for an impressive win.

8. Seattle Seahawks 6

Repeat of Super Bowl XL except they scored in that game.

9. Baltimore Ravens 11

Defense reclaimed some pride against San Francisco last week.

10. Arizona Cardinals 12

Augusta native Ken Whisenhunt has this team playing very well.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7

Got embarrassed by Indianapolis.

12. New York Giants 15

Good comeback against the Jets and on the season so far.

13. Washington Redskins 14

Jason Campbell is looking more and more like a quality quarterback.

14. San Diego Chargers 21

That was the team we were expecting to see this year.

15. Chicago Bears 22

Big division win on the road last week gives them hope of turning it around.

16. Houston Texans 17

Kris Brown deserves a raise.

17. Carolina Panthers 20

It's not good when you might be forced to start Vinny Testaverde.

18. Detroit Lions 9

Looked bad once again in loss to Washington.

19. San Francisco 49ers 16

Defense stood tough but offense looked rough.

20. Oakland Raiders 18

Thanks to the bye they're in first place in the AFC West.

21. Denver Broncos 13

They're in a rut and need to climb out fast.

22. Philadelphia Eagles 24

They barely squeaked past the bye.

23. Kansas City Chiefs 19

Success is fleeting, especially when it comes to the Chiefs.

24. Cleveland Browns 23

They hung with New England for a little bit.

25. Cincinnati Bengals 25

Have had a week to think about what's gone wrong.

26. Buffalo Bills 29

A for effort, but L for loss.

27. New York Jets 26

0-2 against the state of New York.

28. Minnesota Vikings 28

Offense needs some serious work.

29. Atlanta Falcons 30

Now playing offensive line for the Falcons ... oh wait, he's hurt too!

30. New Orleans Saints 27

The 'Aints have marched back in.

31. St. Louis Rams 32

At least they're scoring offensive touchdowns again.

32. Miami Dolphins 31

The only thing running well down there is Joey Porter's mouth.



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