NFL power rankings

Every week of the season, The Augusta Chronicle's Raymond Beasock will rank the pro teams.


Team Prv.

1. Indianapolis Colts 1

Opened defense of their crown with whipping of Saints.

2. San Diego Chargers 2

Made the right adjustments in the second half to dispatch the defending NFC champion Bears.

3. New England Patriots 3

Seems better players wasn't the only advantage they had.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers 7

Don't get excited yet, it was only the Browns.

5. Dallas Cowboys 8

If their offense continues to perform like that, they won't have to worry about the defense too much.

6. Chicago Bears 5

Losing was bad enough but losing Mike Brown was worse.

7. Cincinnati Bengals 11

What's next in Chad Johnson's bag of tricks?

8. Baltimore Ravens 4

Don't blame the refs for that loss. How many times did Baltimore fumble?

9. New Orleans Saints 6

Don't worry Saints fans, they'll be there at the end.

10. Denver Broncos 10

Jay Cutler looked good on the road but the offense didn't score much.

11. Seattle Seahawks 12

Shaun Alexander is dinged up again. What else is new?

12. San Francisco 49ers 14

Nice all-around effort with a bit of luck in the end zone.

13. Philadelphia Eagles 9

Didn't give up an offensive touchdown and still lost.

14. Minnesota Vikings 19

Defense looked good ... oh wait, it was against Atlanta.

15. Detroit Lions 18

They might have the best receiving corps in the league.

16. Tennessee Titans 17

Don't worry LenDale White fans, Chris Brown should be hurt in ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

17. Carolina Panthers 23

If Jake Delhomme can deliver like that every week, they'll make up for last year's lost promise.

18. St. Louis Rams 13

Marc Bulger has to play without his security blanket, left tackle Orlando Pace. Could be in for some long nights.

19. Houston Texans 27

Again, don't get too excited. The Chiefs are horrible!

20. Washington Redskins 25

One shaky win down, several bad losses to come.

21. Green Bay Packers 28

Leading scorer after Week 1: Mason Crosby.

22. Buffalo Bills 21

Fans have gone from praying for good games from J.P. Losman to the recovery of Kevin Everett.

23. New York Jets 16

At least they caught the Patriots cheating.

24. New York Giants 15

A nightmare opener. They lost to the Cowboys and lost their starting quarterback and running back to injuries.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars 22

Should bounce back against Atlanta.

26. Arizona Cardinals 20

They're not this bad, but they'll need to start winning those close games.

27. Miami Dolphins 26

Played tough on the road but that offense isn't very good.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 29

They move up because rest of the teams left are worse.

29. Oakland Raiders 32

Put up a fight but still got knocked out.

30. Kansas City Chiefs 24

Things are so bad they only scored three vs. the Texans.

31. Atlanta Falcons 30

Not quite at the bottom yet, but getting there fast.

32. Cleveland Browns 31

Happiest man that played for Cleveland last week ... Charlie Frye.



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