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Faces Of Survival: Ligia Pak

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FAMILY: Three children, Julia, 18, Nathan, 13, and Kevin, 10

Cancer survivor Ligia Pak  Zach Boyden-Holmes/Staff
Zach Boyden-Holmes/Staff
Cancer survivor Ligia Pak

OCCUPATION: Formerly self-employed

DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT: Radiation, chemotherapy and left mastectomy

HER STORY: Pak had a bump underneath her arm when she went in for a routine mammogram. Though the test didn’t turn up anything, she went back to the doctors because she sensed “something was just not right.” A biopsy three months later confirmed she had breast cancer.

Shock is one word to describe Pak’s first reaction.

As a breast cancer survivor, Pak feels like a “new person.” She tries to take one day at a time and eliminate stress from each day.

HER ADVICE: “You will have days that you will just want to cry,” said Pak, 48. “Don’t give up.” Learn to depend on others and keep a positive outlook, she said.

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