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 This week's image is a ringing reminder for special occasions.

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This week's image is a ringing reminder for special occasions.   Willie Malpass/Staff
Willie Malpass/Staff
This week's image is a ringing reminder for special occasions.

 If you think you know where it is, call (706) 823-3708 and leave your name, area code and telephone number, and how to spell your name. Please be specific. The deadline to leave your answer is 2 p.m. Friday. If your name is picked from among the correct answers, you will win a gift from The Augusta Chronicle.

One hundred four people correctly guessed last week's photo, left, as the Miller Theatre, 708 Broad St. Joyce Epps will receive the prize. Other guesses were the Imperial Theatre at 749 Broad St. and the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame at 1100 Reynolds St. Others who correctly identified the picture were Tommy Davis, Arlene Guthrie, Jerry Delaigle, Michael A. Myles, Edna Anderson, Rick and Gail Murphy, Gloria Lassiter, Merilyn Walton, Theresa Chavis, Danny Craig, Tricia Hughes, Margie Rae, Christy Rountree, Elizabeth Lafavor, Mary Fain, Beverly Martin, Roberta Thomas, Grace Waters, Molly Boyleston, Stacy Price, Herbert Thomas, Janice Wren, Shena Edwards, Nancy Garner, Joshua Taylor, Kathy Graham, Debbie Wombles, Becky Wisner, Carson Woodward, Julie Gantz, Stan Herrington, Bertha Roberts, Betty Horne, Christopher Fuller, Pamela Byrd, Wayne Weston, Ineather Nicely, Tina Murray, Sandra Schumann, Roy Stampley Jr., Preston Randall Jr., Becky Skinner, Robert Lamb, Regina Moody, Dot Hobbs, Lavaciette Walker, Charles Symonds, Sandra Moulton, Joe Arp, Martha Tudor, Sandra Sheppard, Lori Best, Bettye Beard, Marcus Curtis, Pamela Jenkins, Latonya Pressley, Tajauna Scott, Harold and Camilla Mack, James Rich, Brittany DeLoach, Leroy Franklin Jr., Jeffrey Archie, Beth Reeves, Jeff Daniel, Cecil Griffin, Shirley Deal, Melinda Jarrard, Brenda Walker, Brian Wiggins, Frank Trammell, Gregg Williams, Marvy Durden, John Brogan, Mark James, Sylvester Connors, Sharon Brooks-Graham, Angela Quick, Jeremy Hughes, Gail Pittman, Janice Williams, Shannon Terral, Angela McCord, Cynthia Westberry, Kathie Grogan, Mary Hatch, Andrea Bonda, Rita Andrews, Willie Bowes, Lee Goode, Mandy Atwell, Michael Strickland, Artemis Aghdasi, Sabrina Blount, Philip Rhodes, Eraina Oneal, Scott Farris, Joy Johnson, Lynn and Jeanie Lewis, Kitty Reagan and Jean Brown.

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