New Augusta Public Transit buses unveiled

Painted with splashes of green, brown and a large city logo, the new buses use hydraulics to lower their front end, allowing easier rider access.
By Susan McCord

Signal Corps Band no longer based at Fort Gordon

Fort officials said the 434th Army Band, which moved to its present location at then Camp Gordon in 1955, was the longest continually serving unit at Fort Gordon.
By Bianca Cain Johnson

Augusta man sues city, sheriff officers over alleged tasing

An Augusta man who said he suffered a skull fracture after being tased in jail has filed suit against Augusta and two Richmond County sheriff's officers.
By Sandy Hodson

Class action lawsuit to proceed against Sentinel Offender Services

Friday's ruling by Judge Daniel J. Craig means that anyone sentenced for a misdemeanor offense in Columbia County Superior Court may be a party to the lawsuit that seeks to recover from Sentinel all fees paid to the for-profit company.
By Sandy Hodson

Police arrest two men in Burke County shooting

According to a Burke County sheriff's news release, deputies were called to a Claxton Road residence in the Girard area about 9:35 a.m. The victim told police he was returning to his home when three people attempted to rob him.
By Bianca Cain Johnson

SRS begins down-blend plutonium operation in K Area

The down-blending process in the SRS K Area Complex, blends plutonium oxide with an inert material, producing a mixture that is more secure and not usable for weapons.

Sheriff, mayor Davis hold solidarity walk

About 125 people took part in the walk, including more than 30 deputies, nearly a dozen children and numerous veterans.
By Doug Stutsman

Supplements studied for anti-aging

Researchers Yanbin Dong and Haidong Zhu of the Georgia Prevention Institute at AU have a $2.5 million study to tack on to the national Vitamin D and Omega 3 Trial (known as VITAL) being run out of Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School that is looking at nearly 26,000 people nationwide who are either taking those supplements or placebos for five years.
By Tom Corwin

Articles from the Metro section archive

Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016

AU pay changes ease, add to employee burden

The changes at AU are coming about through new rules in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act that must be enacted by Dec. 1.
By Tom Corwin

School shooter killed father before rampage, SC officials say

TOWNVILLE, S.C. - A teenager killed his father at their home Wednesday before going to a nearby elementary school and opening fire with a handgun, wounding two students and a teacher, authorities ...

Kirby: Matchbook collection rekindles memories

As a young man out of college and finding his way in the world, I developed the simple, but entertaining, habit of collecting matchbooks from the places where I ate or visited.
By Bill Kirby

Rants & Raves

A big rant to all of you who stand there and videotape a crime for evidence or entertainment. How can you, in good conscience, watch any sort of incident go on while you are recording it?

Aiken to apply 10-point grading scale to lower grades

Aiken County's Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday move to expand a 10-point Uniform Grading Scale to all middle and elementary grades effective immediately, according to a news release ...

Augusta homicide suspect's statement admissible as evidence

At the conclusion of a hearing Wednesday in Richmond County Superior Court, Judge James G. Blanchard Jr. ruled the videotaped statement was legally obtained, freely given and is admissible as ...
By Sandy Hodson

Local students join peers nationwide in prayer

About 40 high schools students stood on the dewey football field at Westminster Schools of Augusta on Wednesday morning, joining their peers from across the area and country for the 26th annual ...
By Lisa Kaylor

Learning lessons for life after 50

People gather at the Legends Club for the Life After 50 Senior Expo in Augusta. 
By Michael Holahan

Augusta road lighting project gets shorter and more frequent

City engineers are adding 72 light poles to a Walton Way project after contractors encountered "conflicts."
By Susan McCord

Rants & Raves

THIS SYRIAN CEASE-FIRE agreement that President Obama and John Kerry agreed to has turned out to be a lot of garbage and America was duped to think that Russia would support such idiocy.

Local event discusses Opportunity School District

The discussion, titled "State Takeover of Local Schools and Education Funding Changes," was open to the public and held at Augusta's Marriott Convention Center. Opportunity School District will be ...
By Doug Stutsman

Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016

Augusta needs better coverage for uninsured, homeless

GAHN, which includes a number of area health care organizations, has been collecting data since 2007 on at least two Augusta hospitals and several community clinics.
By Tom Corwin

City offers workshop Wednesday on doing business with it

The workshop, scheduled in the Compliance Department on the seventh floor, is free and open to the public.

Investment group signs deal to train cyber-security professionals

Cape Augusta LLC, the company redeveloping the 136-year-old textile mill into a urban tech hub called Augusta Cyberworks, said it has formed a joint venture with UMBC Training Centers LLC to ...
By Damon Cline

Man who stole quarters wanted for questioning

According to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office, the man was captured on surveillance video Sept. 19 prying open the coin vault at 25 Cent Car Wash, 3743 Peach Orchard Road, about 7 a.m. and ...
By Bianca Cain Johnson

Man flees traffic stop with child in car

A man is facing multiple charges stemming from an incident Saturday where he fled from a traffic stop while a small child was in the vehicle.
By Bianca Cain Johnson

Groups oppose plan to store nuclear fuel near SRS

Three public interest groups in South Carolina are opposed to a new plan to store spent nuclear fuel near the Savannah River Site.

Voter rolls growing ahead of November presidential election

Columbia County had 99,214 registered voters as of Sept. 19, while Richmond County currently has 98,484, according to elections officials.
By Susan McCord

Gas prices dropping in Augusta area

Gas prices are gradually dropping in the Augusta area.
By Doug Stutsman

Rants & Raves

RAVE to the person wanting more security at Wal-mart on Wrightsboro Road. Way too many thefts. I'm afraid of bumping into a robber. They need security badly ... both non-uniformed and uniformed so ...


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Rants & Raves

Rioting should not be allowed. They should go inside a building and scream their stupid rants.

South Carolina boy charged in dad's slaying, school shooting

A 14-year-old South Carolina boy has been charged as a juvenile with murder and three counts of attempted murder after authorities say he killed his father and opened fire on students at a school playground, wounding three people
By Kate Brumback and Jay Reeves
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