Fighter jet crash parts still being found in Jefferson County



LOUISVILLE, Ga. — Two more pieces of the F-16C fighter jets that collided over Jefferson County in June have been recovered recently, and authorities ask resident to be on the lookout for others.

“On Aug. 18 a small flare of compressed magnesium was found in the driveway of the beauty salon across from W.B. Miller (hardware store),” said Jim Anderson, Jefferson County emergency management director.

He said the flare was discovered and reported to Louisville Police Chief Jimmy Miller.

The outside of the flare housing is clearly marked “Warning–ASAF IR flare, explosive/highly flammable.”

“A technician with Robins EOD came to the county and retrieved it without incident,” Anderson said.

He also said that on Aug. 24 a large flat piece of metal from the plane was found by a farmer in a corn field off Eden Church Road.

Under closer examination the piece of debris turned out to be a wing flap.

Throughout the month of June, Anderson worked with Air Force, Army and other officials who combed nearly 10,000 acres of woodlands and area fields for the debris from the planes that collided just east of Louisville.

Officials from the 169th Fighter Wing of the South Carolina Air National Guard asked that Jefferson County citizens look out for debris.

Still missing are an ejection seat and a canopy. Anderson said the seat could still have some explosives on it and that no items found should be disturbed.

“If you find anything you believe may be aircraft wreckage, please call 911 and relay the description and location of the items,” a spokesman for the fighter wing said.

Anderson said that the investigation into the crash has not been completed to his knowledge, but that he should be receiving a copy of the findings once they are made public.

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